Mergers & Acquisitions and Joint Ventures

Mergers and Acquisitions & Divestitures

We advise and represent business owners who are contemplating selling their companies or business units, such as public companies, privately-owned businesses, portfolio companies of financial sponsors or divisions of large companies.

We work in tandem with these organizations that are looking to grow financially by selling off a business unit or by removing assets, so as to focus resources on opportunities that are better poised for growth.

We help our clients with the structuring and contractual challenges faced when acquiring a portion of a larger entity. We also provide services to ensure the smooth transition of ownership after closing of the deal.

Strategic Partnership & Joint Ventures

We assist our clients in finding the right alliance with proven companies that can readily provide an important catalyst to their business objectives.

Our expertise in a variety of industries furnishes us with an in-depth understanding of the specific factors that can contribute to the success of a transaction.

We oversee and facilitate the creation of such partnerships or joint ventures and ensure our clients´ best interests prior to entering into discussions with potential partners.